Hello all. My daughter has gone to my sister’s for the evening so now I’m alone. It’s times like this that my brain whirls into action and keeps getting faster and faster until I want to crack up. Don’t get me wrong I don’t always feel this way when I’m alone, it’s just most of the time. When having a bad day intrusive thought invade my aching brain. Things Iv done in the past. Things I regret. Overwhelming feeling of guilt, shame and grief. I worry about things happening that probably never will happe! I worry about losing those I love. Sometimes I feel stuck in a dark place I can’t escape and life is passing by and I can’t keep up.

When my daughter was seven I took her to Tenerife with my parents. One night we were burgled while we slept. We didn’t hear a thing. Ever since then Iv always thought what if that person had taken mychil? When I think of it when I’m alone I dwell and dwell on it. It’s mad because she wasn’t taken but sometimes I feel and act like she was. I cry and worry and dwell as my GAD takes over. I don’t even know why I feels these emotions. Am I going mad or am I just one of the many people that’s suffers the same way but to afraid to admit and talk about it?


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