the depression monster

Wowser! Today has been an extremely long and boring Sunday. surprisingly though I feel pretty good. Like I have said though I’m not a total nutter. I can still smile. I can still laugh and I can still enjoy the day. It sounds weird but I actually look forward to Monday because Sunday is well and truly behind me for a few days. Atschool though I hated Sundays cos I knew I had school the next day.

I remember when I was quite young my sister and I would watch the Muppet show on the Sunday evening, I think it was on about six o’clock. I loved the Muppets but hated it to cos I had to go to bed after for school the next morning. Even when I was young I hated school. It’s funny how your reasons for hating a certain day, time, place can change but the feelings of dread andanxiety stay the same.

I have always loved to read even when I was young. I love the smell of a new book. I love the distraction of a good book. I love how a good book can take u on all sorts of amazing adventures to all sorts of amazing lands. Right from your own home. Most of all I love how a good book can make me forget my depression, even if it’s for just a short time. I feel truly grateful to have a love for books because they help to keep me sane.


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