sunday blues

Good afternoon all. Well I dont know about anyone else but I hate Sundays! I’ve always hated Sundays, I find them really depressing. For me when I think of Sundays I think back to my school days. I hated school as I was bullied badly. I would lie in bed at night crying and unable to sleep cos I knew I was going to be hurt in some way.  Sticks and stones can break your bones but words can break your spirit. I dreaded school that much that even at the beginning of the summer holidays I would cry in bedbecause I knew I had to go back. Now I loathe and hate bullies, especially when I hear of youngsters killing themselves due to bullies. Sad thing is some bullies never change, they grow and continue to be nasty. Unfortunately for me I have continued to be angry and bitter at the bullies that made my life a living hell. I wonder if any of them give a shit at how cruel they were. Since school I have hated Sundays and probably always will. It’s a shame that I still waste tears and time dwelling on the cruelty of others. Those people have probably never thought of me for years so why do I still think of them?


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