hello monday!

Hey all. Well today my mood is good because it’s Monday so that means Sunday is behind me for a few days now. I know for some monday is a shit day.

Outside the weather is a bit gloomy and wet but today it isn’t bothering me. I’ve always enjoyed the rain.

As I have been writing this blog I have been encouraged by the support I have received from people. It’s also  been wonderful for others to share with me their experiences. You are stronger than you think.

Yesterday I was very disturbed by something I saw on the news . An extremely distressed woman was threatening to commit suicide by jumping from a bridge on a very busy road. I was angry to hear that there were people making fun of her. Laughing at her and encouraging her to jump. In fact it made me furious. Luckily she didn’t jump but the poor woman was extremely upset. How can people be so damn crue! I can only imagine the lonely black place she was stuck in. Her desperation and despair. Suicide is very real. It leaves people devastated, families without their loved ones. Yet we still hear of people making fun. We still hear of people calling the suicidal cowards. Still there are plenty of people who don’t take the matter seriously. I hope people come to realize the devastating consequences despression can have. I hope people come to realize that depression can bite anyone at any time. And I hope people realize that those who commit suicide could be their friend, child, parents, partner, it could even be they themselves !

To all those who have lost their lives due to depression I feel for you all. My heart aches for you and your families. I hold you all dear to my heart. I dedicate this blog to a wonderful man named Anthony. The hole you left can never be filled for those who loved you. Remember always the wonderful people who are no longer with us in person as they will always be with us in spirit. Remember them as the wonderful people they were. They were not cowards. They were not weird or stupid. They were people who were loved that suffered a terrible illness. Those of you who laugh or make fun just pray the depression monster never bites your family, friends or your self ever!


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