the curse of celebrity

Just been. Thinking. There’s all sorts of crap you can watch on the internet now. All sorts of stupid lists and so called interesting fact that simply must be true because the internet says so!!!

So myself and my daughter have been reading and watching world’s most hated actor/pop star lists. Justin bieber,  kanye west, Charlie sheen and miley Cyprus to name a few!

I am also looking forward to watching the film Amy, the Amy Winehouse film. What happened to this troubled lady really is a tragedy and shame. When she died however the comments from so many people were cruel. Her celebrity status made her the topic of many conversation and also a hot topic for the tabloids. HHer drug taking and alcohol abuse was talked about by many. Many were unsympathetic by her passing. Comments like ” she was a smack head ” or ” she was a druggie so it’s her fault” or ” she was a piss head “. Ok these comments maybe true but she was still a person who had people who loved her and still grieve for her. Kurt cobain, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Michael hutchence. All had their demons and pain. So many times I hear ” just cos they are celebrity doesn’t make it any more tragic, who cares”? Butjust because they were celebrities it doesn’t make their deaths any less tragic either! And to their friends and loved ones they pain still goes on. They care very much. If I were rich and famous would I be one of the most hated people on the planet? My behaviour won’t ever be broadcasted across the screen or tabloids but I can tell you something sometimes my behaviour has been so terrible I look back in embarrassment and shame. Sometimes my moods have been so low I’ve been downright rude. We all have a story but a stranger wouldn’t know it. Sometimes I’ve felt so down I’ve just wanted to fight someone. But the whole world doesn’t get to know about it. Are these famous people really so hatefu? I’m not making excuses for anyone but for these tormented people are they really any different from us, or are they also just coping the best way they can but with the added pressure of the watching world?  People will say that they chose a career in the spotlight so it’s their fault. But so what? Why shouldn’t they? Does being a celeb mean you shouldn’t be happ? I think people should remember that we all have people who love us and grieve for us. But we should also remember that these people have also been an inspiration to many and will continue so way after I have gone.


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