your courage is amazing!

Hello to you all.

I felt I had to say something important to all who have contacted for any reason. I really feel happy to hear from people that are suffering similar experiences to myself. I don’t think some realize how brave and strong you really are. Just making any sort of contact with myself is trusting me with your thoughts and feelings. Your doing a great thing so it shows you are capable of reaching out. Well done to you all because I know how hard it can be. It’s exhausting keeping it all to yourself but it can also be exhausting to find the rights words to explain properly how you feel! I mean, where do you begin to start putting such intense and complicated thoughts/feelings on to paper or into words? Taking little steps can lead to the bigger road of recovery. Don’t give because you deserve to be happy and live your life free from torment. Hopefully as this blog goes on more of you can reach out and we can all talk to and help each other. Maybe sharing why you think you feel this could help put things in perspective.

I will also be more than willing to listen to anyone as be listened to and believed in is important. I thank everyone who has to far  followed my blog and shared their stories and offered support. I am deeply grateful.

And one final thing, you don’t just have to tell me all the bad. I’m always happy to hear how your day has been. What makes you smile, laugh? What makes you feel content ? I look forward to hearing from you. 😃


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