bedroom picnic and BOOM

Hey all

Don’t know about you guys but when I’m anxious most of the time it just BOOM hits me from no where! I can be Sat watching tv or sat reading a book when all of a sudden my heart starts beating and I have an awful ache feeling in my throat and stomach. Just the eptopics alone are enough to cause the greatest discomfort. Anxiety feels so unpleasant it’s almost agony. Millions of people all over the globe will be familiar with this unpleasant condition. Once that feeling starts it gathers speed until you start to dwell and worry about things that weren’t even on your mind until the anxious feelings start! And to make it worse most  of the time the anxiety seems to come from no where to start off with!

Last night I was sat watching Bondi rescue when BOOM out of no where the palpitations started. My heart beats an extra strong beat and it can last days. Then comes the awful churning ache in my chest and stomach. Then the tight feeling in my brain. As the anxiety started so suddenly I felt breathless. So as a result I started to worry about stuff for real. When I’m feeling extremely anxious I worry about the most ridiculous things. In fact I’ve more chance of being run over by a heard of elephants than some of the things I worry about actually happening! That’s anxiety for you. I just hope that my anxiety doesn’t boil over into a full on panic attack which happens often but that’s another story.

So to cut it short, last night I sat watching Bondi rescue, all of a sudden the palpitations start, my stomach churns, chest feels tight, brain feels tight, I feel like shit and then comes the real worry and intrusive thoughts. By this point I’m worrying about my future, my daughter, money, losing my security. Then comes the what if worrys and the unrealistic worries but all seem very real to me and the whole time I’m thinking, what’s wrong with me? All I was doing was watching Bondi rescue and now I’m on the verge of a panic attack!

Anxiety is one of the worst feelings in theworld. It can be unbearable and can crack you up. It can last days and cause utter misery. It is no laughing matter.

Now me and my daughter have  Just had a bedroom pizza picnic and once again we r watching Bondi rescue. Thankfully there has been no attack yet.


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