life is precious keep it safe

Life is precious and valuable. Look after it and keep it safe. Tell your loved ones you love them. Don’t live your life for other people but live it with the ones you love. Spend each day looking for your next happy memory and keep it safe with the ones your already have. Don’t let people put you down, keep your head held and keep looking forward. Make the most of your life and give yourself things to look forward to. Don’t dwell or keep looking back. The people you have left behind were kept back for a reason. The people in your present and future will follow you in your journey forward. They will pick you up if you have a stumble on the way. You can pick them up if they stumble on the way. Love each other and make the most of the love you have. You are more fortunate than you think. Smile because you are beautiful when you smile.Never give up and believe you can live a life worth living. You deserve to be happy so believe it.


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