the dazzling northern lights and farting huskies

When I started this blog i didn’t want it to be all doom and gloom as I didn’t want anyone reading who suffers with mental health issues to be scared into thinking that’s there’s no hope of being happy. Or that they can’t smile or have any sort of life. I realize that depression is something that may stalk me for the rest of my life as it may for others. But, I also know that when I sit and think I have all sorts of amazing and funny memories that I will never forget. We can’t change the past and I have decided to keep these unpleasant thoughts and memories stored into little boxes. I have also decided to store all the great memories into little boxes to. The boxes marked unpleasant are stored at the back of the highest shelf of my brain and I’ve started moving the boxes marked awesome memories towards the front. A bit like movin I suppose. When you move you pack up all your belongings to move on. The most useful and important boxes are kept handy while the others are kept out of the way until you look at them again for whatever reason. I’ve been after a move for a while so now It is definitely time to make changes and move.

As I’ve said, there will probably be more hard times ahead of me but I’ve got plenty of good times behind and a head of me also

. So I’ve decided to open a  box marked awesome memories and share some of the good times with you and to show you that happy and funny memories are achievable. I’ll open these boxes every now and then.

My mum and I took my daughter to Disney world when she was nine. She loved it and having her pics taken with the princesses was a dream come true.

One of the worse/ funny and embarrassing memories we have involve me and a large bag of sugar free sweets. My mum stayed in the hotel while me and my daughter went to the animal kingdom for the day. She gave us a large bag of sugar free sweets to take with us. As the day went on I ate more and more of these sweets until I’d nearly munched the lot. What I didn’t realize was that sugar free sweets have a laxative effect ! And about two hours before our coach was due to take us back to the hotel I found out exactly what these horrid sweets are capable of! I can quite honestly say I have never felt so stressed or desperate in my life ! I still had a long wait for the coach back to the hotel and when it did arrive our hotel was the very last drop off! Typical! When we finally arrived I made my daughter run with me to our room and my God I’ve never been so happy to see a loo in all my life. I barely made it and felt ill for the rest of the night but we laugh about it now.  Another great memory I’m lucky enough to share with my daughter was a trip to Lapland. We went for the Christmas week and we loved it. It’s an amazing place for children and us adults to. We had reindeer sleigh rides, husky sleigh rides as well as great fun on snow mobiles and a sledge. We laugh about the huskies because they did nothing but fart and my daughter kept blaming me for it!  The best memory for us was on Christmas eve. We were in a tiny village on the border of Russia having a wonderful meal in fire lit log cabin. That evening the northern lights came out to play and lit the up the sky in amazing colours. This dazzling display went on for hours and despite the freezing cold temperature my daughter and I sat and watched the lights for hours. We barely spoke but we didn’t need to. We sat cuddled up together watching the performance mother nature had treated us to. It was actually really emotional and I cried a bit. It is something we will never forget and I could not have shared this experience with anyone better than my daughter. I know we have many more good times ahead and that keeps me strong. Never give up!


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