do we go to heaven

this is something ive been wondering for quite a while. is there such a place as heaven? is there such a place as hell? when our time is up do we simply cease to exist? I hope not. I really don’t see the point of that. why let us live to just simply die? does god exist? does the devil? do unseen ghosts haunt us? do they watch us as we miss and mourn them? I don’t know what I believe sometimes. I do know that people should be free to live by their own choices. live by your own beliefs. I like to keep an open mind because to be honest none of us really know for sure what becomes of us after death. does the saying until we meet again really mean anything? I like to think so. maybe death is the beginning of a whole new adventure. there is no proof to say ghosts don’t exist but there doesn’t seem to be any real proof that they do. when I was growing up my mother was and still is a jehovahs witness. I hated the meetings and bible studies as a kid and I have come to strongely dislike the religion. I was terrified of Armageddon and I would cry at night convinced that I and those I loved and cared about were going to be destroyed when the end came. it effected me deeply and frightened me for years. in my opinion I feel the jw organisation is a cult, a very cruel cult. even now talking about religion makes me angry. I love my mum so much and she knows how I feel but we don’t get into any conversations about it. I respect the fact that my mum keeps her beliefs to herself and doesn’t try to make conversation about it. its not the jws I have a problem with its the organisation as a whole. I could go on and on but it is not my intention to offend. this blog was started so I could share how my deep depression and anxiety affect me. I want to give people  the courage to finally speak out about how they truly feel without worrying about being judged. depression should not be a taboo subject. to me the jw organisation is a cruel cult but people should make their own mind up when it comes to religious beliefs. all I know is that as a kid I would cry myself to sleep because I feared death and Armageddon so much. I was terrified of losing those around me. the awake magazine (the jw magazine) was full of images of death and destruction, showing the death of billions when the end came. it troubled me deeply. all I can say is do your research properly and make your own mind up about any religion. I would also say before you think of believing in any god believe in yourself. you are important and so is your happiness and peace of mind. again this is only my opinion, how I feel.

it gives me comfort to think that death is the beginning of a whole new adventure. I refuse to believe that we don’t see our loved ones again, it just seems to cruel. ive feared death for so long and probably always will but as I get stronger and more positive I become more hopeful. don’t let others take away your hopes, your dreams or your faith in yourself. who says death is the end?who says we don’t go to heaven? who says our loved ones are gone forever? is it really so far fetched to believe love is for ever? of course not!!! never stop dreaming. never stop loving and never stop hoping. never let others shove their beliefs on you because how the hell do any of us know for sure what the world or the heavens have to offer. most of all believe what you want to believe and take comfort in it, and don’t let anyone take that comfort blanket away.


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