making plans feeling good

So today is a good day. Like I’ve said before it’s important to give yourself things to look forward to. No matter how small if it’s something you enjoy then it’s something that is making you happy. A happy face is a smiley face and that’s a great thing for you and those around you.

For me a great passion is travel. I love my trips away. It’s something my daughter and I love doing together. I’ve raised my daughter myself and I swore that she would see as much as the world as possible. We have done quite well so far. We have a solid bond and a great relationship and I couldn’t wish for a better travel companion. We have had some amazing adventures and plan to have many more. We have met some awesome people and have many awesome memories. It’s just a shame there are lots of jealous nasty people about that try to spoil these adventures with their gossiping and bitchy lies. If I was getting drunk every weekend then I probably wouldn’t be able to take my daughter away but instead I choose to save and go away. But these little people are insignificant and not worth my time. It’s to easy to get worked up and upset over other peoples spiteful gossip. Brush it off, it isn’t important. The lifetime of happy memories is worth it and will last a lot longer then the poison of others. I’m just glad I have such an amazing daughter to share most of my happy memories with. So make plans. Little by little. Give yourself something to look forward to every now and then. The little things in life can be the most enjoyable so make the most of them while you can. Know you can enjoy life but never feel ashamed for the Times when life seems unbearable. Never let insignificant little people hurt you because life is hard enough as it is. And know that the happiness you can feel and the happy memories that you have are well deserved and you are damn well entitled to them. No one ever really knows the demons you may be battling. Be proud to know you are better than cruel people.


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