time to open another awesome memory box

Just because I suffer badly with depression and anxiety it doesn’t mean I don’t have lots of awesome and funny memories to. I may be a miserable sod a lot but I also laugh a lot and have a pretty good sense of humour . Most of my happy memories include my wonderful daughter. If it wasn’t for my daughter Brittany I wouldn’t laugh half as much ! Another great time we had was our holiday to Austria. Brittany was getting over a serious illness so I wanted to take her somewhere quiet and cheap with lots of fresh air and mountains, where she could carry on recovering. So Austria it was. A place called kitzbuhel in Austria. It is such a beautiful picturesque place and we fell in love with it right away. It was very hot the week we were there and I remember being dive bombed by angry wasps everywhere we went. The bloody things were everywhere and were a real pain. Eating outside became impossible unless you wanted to share your meal with a swarm of badly behaved wasps!

Another thing that stands out in our minds there seemed to be plenty of weird skinny spiders. Skinny spiders with extremely long skinny legs! They made us shudder! Every loo we went to there seemed to be loads of them. It was hard not to scream when we saw them. We hate spiders.

Everything about Austria was beautiful. The houses were so pretty and looked like something from a fairy tale story book or a postcard scene. It was so clean and fresh looking and the locals seemed to take pride in the beauty of their country and keeping it that way. The streets were clean and the buildings were pretty. The whole place seemed to have a magical fairy tale feel about it.

We spent the days climbing the mountains and drinking the fresh water straight from the streams. The water was Crystal and clean and seemed to taste better than anywhere else in the world. The mountains are beautiful but can be hard to climb, in fact the day after our first climb I could barely walk! I didn’t realize just what a work out mountain climbing was!

Our hotel was a gorgeous little yellow building, very typical Austrian. We were in the top room so the roof slanted sharply, especially in the bathroom. I kept forgetting just how slanted the ceiling was over the bath and after our first mountain bike I decided to have a bath to soak and relax my legs. I lay in the bath enjoying the hot bubbly water and felt myself relax. My daughter Sat talking to me and when I rose to get out I stood up really fast I walloped my head on the slopey ceiling so hard I fell backwards and saw stars. Of course my daughter thought it was hilarious and laughed for ages and eventually I started to laugh to. And to top it off the hot soothing bath didn’t stop my legs from throbbing the next day! Can you believe the whole week we were there I kept forgetting where I was and managed to bang my head really hard every time I had a bath ! I’m amazed I didn’t end up with concussion. We still laugh about it now.

There’s so many great memories from that trip. The Austrian folk night with the lederhosen and yodeling. The day on the lake and jumping into the lake from a small jetty. The evening mountain trip. We rode the cable car to the top of the mountain and when we looked back at the village it looked like it was lit up with Christmas fairy lights, like a scene from the grinch. It was beautiful. We drank hot chocolate at the top and huddled round the candle light. Then we rode the cable car back down, staring in silence at the beautiful village.

One of the best memories was when we had reached the top of the mountain and it was quite cloudy. It was bizarre because we were standing right in the clouds. They were just floating right by. It was both fascinating and eerie. It was like we could touch the clouds. We also saw a small plane flying below us. It was weird seeing a plane flying below us. And to top it off we watched a golden eagle fly by. It’s eagle cries echoing around the mountain. It was amazing. Like I said it’s the little things that are the most special and precious memories.


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