im here if you need me.

I know I have been telling a lot of happy stories lately to. I’m just trying to show that there is hope for happiness even when it doesn’t feel that way. I know how crushing depression and anxiety can be and I would never ever try to take away the seriousness of the illness. There have been times when I’ve thought I was losing my mind and I’m sure there will be times in the future that I’ll feel the same way. At my worse I have heard voices and scratched the skin off my face. I have even banged my head against the wall because the pain of depression is like nothing else. It attacks when it feels like, just like the vicious monster it is. Will I ever kill it ? Or will it kill me ? I have no intention of being a victim to this vicious beast. How do we beat it though ? What weapons do I need to help me fight ? I find the best form of defence is the help and support of others, especially those who know exactly where you are coming from. The more we talk about mental health the stronger we are to fight it. Knowing u are not alone in your suffering is a step on the path to a smile, a path to understanding and help. I started this blog to help others as well as myself. If I can help anyone please let me know. Feel free to ask me anything and I’ll do my best to answer. I’m here if anyone needs me.


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