ocean of depression

Depression can be a bit like drowning. You can’t always tell which way is up. Depression is an ocean of pain, fear and panic. You try so hard to blindly reach the surface but you feel like your drowning anyway. You start to lose hope and sink even further. The need to breathe overwhelms you and worry and panic take over. Your chest is ready to burst as well as your head. You feel as though you could die at any moment but you don’t stop searching for the surface. The ocean of  despair is a hard place to swim away from. There always seems to be some hidden danger lurking in the murky water to drag you back down. If you could just reach the surface and tread water at least you can see light and some hope of a way out of the ocean of despair. You can only tread water for so long before you either sink once more or you are somehow rescued. You hope for rescue because the thought of sinking once more fuels your anxiety and fills you with dread, horror and despair. All you want to do is make it to shore and live your life in happiness and smiles. Sometimes it feels impossible that happiness is possible. It’s like depression is all you know, the thought of living without depression seems impossible. When people tell you they have never suffered with depression it’s hard to believe. Is it really possible ? Can there actually be people out there who have never suffered that way ? It seems unbelievable. It’s makes you wonder ” what is wrong with me “? Am I losing my mind ? Am I weak ? Am I weird ?

Any sort of mental health issue is damn hard to live with and untill people start to realize just how crippling and crushing these illnesses are without being judgemental and cruel people are always going to be to ashamed to talk about how they feel. so many people are still to scared and ashamed to admit how they feel or talk about the extent of their problems. Lives can be saved if mental health issues are taken more seriously. Suicides can be prevented if people get the right kind of help and treatment. End the stigma of mental health.


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