time to unpack another awesome memory box

I’ve been feeling really down today so I thought I would unpack one of those awesome memory boxes. I’m lucky enough to have quite a few. This one includes a friend of mine called Craig.

I think it was 2010 and my friend Craig and I decided to go to Poland for my birthday. We visited Auschwitz and the salt mines and enjoyed the restaurants and night life. In fact the first night we got there I was so drunk on the polish vodka and cheap prices that, I made friends with a group of French people and I can’t remember any of it.

On the Sunday my friend Craig and I went to one of the many bars. A lot of the bars in Poland are lit by candlelight giving it a sort of medieval feel. It gives you a cosy and warm atmosphere and I loved it. We had got talking to a group of German guys on the table next to us. One of the guys was celebrating his birthday that evening and I told him my birthday was the next day. We sat and drank with them sharing laughs and stories. When it was just past midnight one of the guys said to me ” hey, it’s your birthday now”.  the three German lads and my friend Craig started singing happy birthday to me at the top of their voices. People in the bar turned to look and then some joined in, then some more until the whole bar joined in  and loudly sang happy birthday to me. It made tears spring to my eyes and its a moment I will never forget. You just couldn’t plan a moment like that. I’m glad I shared it with my friend Craig.


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