the sad mystery of cindy james

I imagine most people will not have heard of Cindy James and the mystery that surrounds her sad death. Was this lady stalked by a real flesh and blood stalker monster , or was she stalked by a different kind of monster, the depression kind ? I found this story really interesting as well as incredibly sad. Either way this lady was a victim. I would love to hear other people’s opinions of this case.

Cindy James was a 44 yr old nurse who was found dead and hog tied in the back yard of an old abandoned house. She had been strangled and drugged and the black stocking was still tied tightly round her neck. There was no sign of any sort of sexual assault. Cindy had been missing for two weeks before she was found. Despite how she was found the believed Cindy’s death was suicide or accidental. They did not believe she was murdered,nor did they believe anyone else was involved in her death. Cindy James had become known to the police and this is how. ( please bare in mind that there isn’t really a great lot of information on the web about this case so some of this is only my opinion ).

Cindy James married at the young age of 19. Roy makepeace was 18 yrs older than Cindy and worked as a psychologist. Her life seemed happy and she adored her parents and sister. She was close to them all. Cindy ended the marriage and seemed happy to get on with her life. Why the marriage ended I don’t know. Maybe it’s connected to her death maybe not. No one really knows. It was a few months after the marriage ended that her life began to change for the worst. It started with threatening phone calls and then notes. She would find notes on her property and on her car. The notes could be very graphic and terrifying. Some of these notes can be found on line as well as a threatening message which strangely enough was left on her ex’s answer machine. Many people think the message was left by Cindy herself. I have to say in my opinion it does sound like a woman disguising her voice but, it also sounds creepy as hell. Listen to it and make your own mind up. At first the police took her complaints seriously, over a hundred incidents were reported to the police. After a while the police became suspicious. Even though some of the incidents were extremely serious the police believed  Cindy was doing it to herself for attention. Dead cats were found hanging from her porch. Her dog had been attacked. Her basement was set on fire. She was physically attacked and had a knife driven through her hand pinning her and a note attached to the knife to the floor. She even hired a private investigator and moved house. She also changed the colour of her car. Her phone lines were often cut and on one occasion she was found by a friend with a black stocking tied tightly round her neck and cowering. She told her friend she had been grabbed from behind while checking out a noise she had heard in her garage. Some of the violent attacks Cindy claimed to have no memory of. The police put surveillance on her home 24/7 but nothing happened. The calls only happened when Cindy was alone plus even though she lived in fear she still walked her dog late at night alone. Maybe she thought screw it he’s gonna get me whether I walk the dog or not anyway. The police never saw any signs of an intruder.

After a while Cindy’s mental health took a serious nose dive which is not surprising if she truly was being stalked while no one believed her ( apart from her family ) . She spent time in hospital and all the incidents  were blamed on poor Cindy. It was also suggested she had multiple personalities so truly believed she was being stalked by someone else. Either way this poor lovely woman was being stalked by some sort of monster. This went on for seven years. Cindy seemed reluctant to tell her family everything and soon admitted there were things she couldn’t tell them. Her family firmly believe she was protecting them as she had been threatened with the death of her family if she told them who the stalker was. The police believe she held back because she was lying. Her family think murder. The police think suicide or accidental.

One day Cindy James went missing. She was found dead two weeks later. The drugs found in her system were what killed her. She had also been strangled with the black stocking still tight around her neck. Her hands and feet bound tightly behind her. A needle mark was found on her body. Her care was found over a mile away loaded with shopping. Blood was found on the car and her purse and keys were under the car. Did this lady kill herself driven to suicide by a serious mental health issue or had she been telling the truth all along? DoD someone murder Cindy James ? Or did her own personal monster end her life ? Either way she was let down badly and didn’t get the help she so desperately needed. Look the case up, listen to the threatening tape recording and make your own mind up. I personally believe that someone out there has got away with murder and mental health was the scapegoat.


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