hum, time for a couple more awesome memory boxes.

There’s something about dolphins that people seem to love. People love to swim with them or see a dolphin show. I have been lucky enough to see them in the wild.

My sister and I saved like mad for our trip to the west coast of America. We saw some amazing sights and met some lovely people. We were in California with our tour group when we stopped at one of the many beaches for lunch. Not long after we stopped we heard there were dolphins close to the shore. I was so excited and I rushed onto the beach still holding my sandwich. What I saw will stay with me forever. Close to the beach was a pod of about twenty dolphins. Four dolphins in perfect formation kept  jumping from the water all at the same time. Others were playing close by and others just simply swam about while every now and then performing  tricks. I sat on the beach and cried. I’ve never seen such an awesome sight. I was in awe of the performance I was lucky enough to be watching. Another Kodak moment you could never plan. I watched for ages until it was time to hit the road again. I’ll never forget it. I’ll never forget the hangover I had in San Francisco. I’ll never forget how beautiful the stars looked in the grand canyon and Yosemite national park. I’ll never forget the trip to the old town in San Diego, or drinking the huge margaritas. I’ll never forget the huge bruise I got on my wrist from slipping on a rock in Yosemite. I’ll never forget seeing hummingbirds hovering round the bushes in San Diego. I’ll never forget how lucky I am to of had the opportunity to go on such a grand trip.

The little things in life are so much more special when shared with the people you love. My daughter and I went to the park the other night to watch a meteor shower. We sat for ages watching the skies. We made a wish on every shooting star we saw.


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