one man and his dog

There’s a guy that lives near me who comes across as being rather odd. He seems quite eccentric and his only companion seems to be his little dog. I don’t know how I got talking to him but every time I see him we say hello.  A few years ago I got talking to him on the way to town. He seemed down so I asked him what was wrong. He told me he was feeling really down and anxious. I asked him why and he went on to say that he always feels depressed and has done ever since he could remember. He also explained how anxious he can get and feels as though he is only existing. I felt so bad for him. He also went on to say that he could have a million pounds in the bank and his own house but, he would still be depressed. No matter where he went in the world his depression would follow and he would never ever be capable of being happy. His monster would never stop stalking him and he would never be able to smile and mean it. He doesn’t seem to have any awesome memory boxes to open. Nothing for him to look forward to,  meaning his endless days and nights would never cease until his death. How awful to be tormented in this way. His pain must be unbearable. Not only does he not have any future plans to look forward to but, he has no awesome memory boxes to open up either. I really do feel really bad for him. How can it be that a person can be that unhappy and not get the support he should be entitled to? I really do believe that it’s very possible for him to start collecting awesome memory boxes but the right support just isn’t there. There simply isn’t enough resources to help everyone that suffers with this terrible illness. More people will die unless the stigma of mental health issues is stomped out for good and people receive the correct treatment for them. I feel so thankful that I have the great memory boxes to open when ever I need to so I can see for myself how much I can laugh and how much of a good time I can have. Opening these boxes encourages me to give myself other things to look forward to and adding to my growing collection. I have wonderful people in my life to share my highs with. No matter how low I can feel at least I know I have plenty of the opposite. I wish I could take everyone’s depression and anxiety away. I wish everyone could experience some of the amazing things I have seen and done. I wish all those who deserve it could be happy.


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