evils of social media

Lately there seems to be a lot of videos of girls bullying other girls on social media. These videos make me furious and I can not bare to watch them to the end. In fact there are some I can not bare to look at at all. The latest one I have seen seems to have spread across the world. I have watched most of it and I fumed through it. Like most people you feel like giving the girl a slap especially when you know what it’s like to be bullied so badly that you spend every day afraid. Let that sink in, every day you feel afraid. What people don’t realize is that not only do bullies take away your right to a happy childhood they also take away your right to a decent education. I was so frightened of school I did anything to get out of going, including making myself sick, a habit which stayed with me for many years. I had no confidence and couldn’t concentrate on my work. The thing is though the bully, who does deserve to be punished has had the most evil and disgusting threats and comments on social media. How is it that people who claim to hate bullies can threaten a person in such a vile and cowardly way and still think they are better than others. I have been shocked at the vicious and cruel behaviour of this bully but I’m even more shocked at the evil of others who seem to think what they are saying is acceptable or normal! Comments like, she should be sent to a man’s jail in Africa and brutally raped. Or, she needs to be infected with aids or die slowly of cancer! People planning on getting together to beat her up!Disgusting ! If I had been walking past I wouldn’t have been able to keep walking. I would have intervened and done something and to be honest I would have ย been tempted to give her a clump. Most people would have done something, those who aren’t scared of her anyway. ย The right time for others to intervene was during the act. Nip it in the bud. Stop these thugs before they go to far. Protect the victims and make people feel safe. No on should be afraid of bullying. She has been caught but now what? If not for social media she would probably get away with it. Now all that’s happening is the bullying is growing and intensifying and people are justifying their actions while behaving just like her! What’s the point ? It’s not gonna prevent bullying. It’s not gonna stop children committing suicide. It’s not gonna stop children facing a future of depression and low self-esteem. Stamp out bullying full stop !


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