creating new memory boxes.

Hello all. At the moment I am away with my daughter and sister. We are packing some new awesome memory boxes. The weather is amazing so that always makes me feel better.

As usual though I can’t sleep very well so I sort of feel like one of the walking dead. I wish I could sleep as well as my daughter ! I’ve also been feeling rather anxious for some reason, I sort of feel like a pan that’s constantly bubbling but I am still enjoying myself. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could just go away and leave the depression monster behind. My monster Is in the background but it’s keeping its distance. I can never truly leave it behind, it’s always there. At least I can work on creating new happy memories. I’m making the most of my time away and I’m gonna damn well enjoy. Who says having depression means you can’t still enjoy some aspects of life ! At least it’s the mosquitos that are biting this week and not my monster. I can live with the mosquito bites !

It’s important to give yourself things to look forward to. It’s makes life easier to cope with.


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