a trio of birds

Well tonight is our last night in this apartment in Cannes. We have spent the evening watching sister act2 while feasting on haribo sweeties and choc. Our day was spent in a town called Grasse which is the perfume capital of the world. I love my perfume and I was excited to go there. I feel so grateful I can enjoy the time with my daughter and sister in a calm and relaxed way. We are a trio of birds enjoying each other’s company. I’ve spent so long worrying about losing my family so I had almost forgotten how to appreciate and have fun with them now. I know I have more adventures ahead with all my family. Think of all the fab memory boxes I’m creating and will create in the future. My only great sadness is the loss of my lovely uncle Geoff. He was to young to die and its awful on the family. I  Can’t help but wonder who next. But I’m not gonna sit and dwell because then il work myself up to a panic attack and I don’t want to go there while on hol. I must confess though that I managed to get some sleepers..I wonder if I have a serious problem  ? But like I said I want to enjoy my time left In Cannes with my daughter and sister, the trio of birds. I’m very relaxed and calm..be happy guys cos you deserve it. Smile because you are beautiful when you smile.


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