never give up on happiness

Keeping yourself busy is a good way to keep your mind busy. I find that when I’m alone my mind goes in all kinds of different directions. And each of those directions leads me down shit street and I really don’t want to go there. Redirect your mind to get yourself somewhere you want to be. Little things can keep your brain busy and take you in positive st. Today I got cracking with housework. It’s boring and such a chore but you really do feel better when it’s all done. It’s great to sit back and admire your work. Tidy house tidy mind. I have also decided to start exercising as its great for the body and mind. I used to be so strong and fit but when my mental health declined so did my need to stay fit. I really let myself go and I hate how I look. Having an extremely poor and unhealthy lifestyle really does make depression worse. It just feels so hard making that first step to join a gym. The past few years I’ve been unable to leave the house on my own much but while I’ve been writing this blog I’ve got a bit stronger.  I don’t want to reach an age where I will look back and know I’ve wasted so many years in a thick fog of depression. I will never give up on happiness.


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