why cant life be simple

Well it’s another boring Sunday. I can count on one hand the amount of hours I’ve slept the past 3 nights. The days can be long enough without having long nights to deal with to. My brain just doesn’t know how to switch off sometimes. I’m just thinking thinking thinking ! I often feel down on a Sunday but since starting this blog it’s amazing how many people seem to suffer with the same Sunday blues. I must be one of the few people who likes a Monday because Sunday is another week away once again.

Do other people take things way to personally ? If you see negative comments on Facebook do you convince yourself it’s about you? I’ve always been a bit paranoid about certain things for some reason. I worry about the most ridiculous and silly things. I can take rejection personally to but most of all I’ve always felt as if I don’t fit in anywhere. I’ve never been a clique type of person and to be honest I wouldn’t want to be. I wish I could move away from where I live and not look back. I wish I had the security and luxury of owning my own home in an area of my own choosing. I feel totally alone. I feel like a failure. I wonder  where I’ll be in ten years time. The thought of being on this same street depresses me. My moods is low today and my blog is rambling but I don’t care. Nothing seems to make sense today. My mood is low and I feel jittery and agitated. I’m stuck in a rut that’s hard to scramble out of. I wish I had the confidence that people seem to think I have. I want to feel wanted but I want to be left the fuck alone to. It’s mad how my mind seems to work sometimes. I don’t even know what I want myself. Life is complicated. I wish it was simple.


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