lets drop the stigma

Since I started writing this blog it has struck me just how common mental illness is. There are people all over the world in great pain but don’t have the words to describe how they feel. More importantly there are people who are to ashamed and embarrassed to talk about how they feel. It’s a common problem with an all to bigger prejudice. If I’m being totally honest even I worry about what people think of me when they read my posts and I sometimes wonder if I should stop my blog. But why should I? It’s how I feel and I’m entitled to share it. I simply cannot stop this blog now because I’m reaching so many people and the more I reach the better. I want to be heard and I want others to be heard. Mental health issues are complicated, and its about time the stigma attached stopped.

Another thing I have noticed since starting this blog is how strong people can be without them even realizing. Depression can make you feel worthless and useless. It can make you feel so helpless, like life is passing you by and you don’t deserve to be on the planet and don’t deserve love. But, I have been really encouraged reading about how strong others can be. The trick now is to help people see that so they can start to heal. All any of us can do is our very best. We also need to learn when to ask for help without feeling awkward and embarrassed to ask because even the most successful or famous people need help at some point. You would feel amazed at some people who feel the same way because like I have already said, depression doesn’t discriminate. Even those who seem blissfully happy, or seems to have it all can be bitten by this awful monster.


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