one more thing

Another thing I forgot to mention is the cruel and unnecessary remarks people come out with when it comes to feeling suicidal. Comments such as ” it’s the cowards way out ” , or “get a grip ” , really make my blood boil. Before opening your gob with ridiculous statements just think about how you would feel if the person you loved more than anything and anyone in the world was cruelly snatched away from you. How would you feel if you lost your job or home or the partner you love deeply. How would it feel to lose a child ? Would you get depressed ? Or would you still come out with ridiculous statements ? Are you the kind of person someone can confide in ? Maybe you should be because we all have our demons and no one can predict a time when depression wil bite deep.You won’t always know why suicide seems the only answer for some so be kind because it may well happen to you and how would you feel if no one wanted to listen ?


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