suicide prevention

There is one subject that really gets to me and is also a major reason for writing this blog. Suicide. It makes me feel so sad when I hear that people are desperate enough to take their own lives. No one wants to really die and I truly believe that suicide just happens. I believe something just snaps or clicks and life is taken. Last year a lovely man I knew committed suicide. I was shocked and extremely saddened. I wonder if it could have been prevented if there was enough resources to help people feeling suicidal. Suicide doesn’t take away any pain, it simply gets passed to others but more intense if that makes sense. For some I believe it’s like trying to hold back or smother a yawn , eventually it happens. It’s just so damn tragic and a waste of a wonderful life. What can be done to prevent future suicides ? I really believe being educated in school, college , uni and the work place could benefit. Nipping it in the bud and preventing these feelings could be a major help. There are so many young people suffering this awful illness and they need to know they are not going mad. They are not freaks and they are certainly not stupid. Counselling at schools, colleges and universities could be an important step in the right direction. Bullying needs to be stamped out completely because it can stay with you forever. Young people don’t get to reach their full potential because of cruel bullies. People can be scared to go to school. Of course it’s not just schools that have a problem with bullying, it happens a lot in the work place to. It should be stamped out completely because no one should feel unsafe and scared. I’m not saying these suggestions will save everyone but I firmly believe there should be more resources for the sufferer and their families. There should be confidence building courses because sometimes with a bit of encouragement people can come on in leaps and bounds.

No one should ever feel embarrassed about feeling suicidal. It can happen to anyone and the sad thing is there will be more to come. Sometimes it’s the most unexpected people that take their own lives. Put yourself in their shoes. Try to imagine the daily torture they battle. Just think of the despair and the trapped torment inside their own minds. These people are trapped inside their own head with no way to escape. Just imagine how much that hurts. They can be so many avoidable tragic future suicides if more people talked and more people listened. I am here for anyone who wants to talk. This blog is dedicated to all those who tragically took their own lives.


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