strengthen my body, strengthen my mind

So I’ve decided to start running with my sister. I used to be very strong and very fit but as my mental heath declined so did the need to give a shit about myself. What I see in the mirror now repulsives me because I have never been so unfit or overweight. I decided that I can do something about it or continue to eat and therefore increase my depression as well as my waist line ! Now I’m not saying starting to run will cure me and allow me to live happily ever after but, it will give me a healthy focus. My focus is to raise funds to support those who have, do or may feel suicidal. For those who have attempted suicide. For those who have lost a loved one, friend or colleague due to suicide. I want people to have someone to talk to or quide them through hard times. Most of all I want to prevent future suicides. Nothing makes me more sad than hearing of a suicide that could have been prevented. It makes me feel so sad when I hear that someone has taken their own lives because of their own personal torment and demons. Suicide is a temporary state of mind and isn’t the answer but I want people to be able to recognize that for themselves. No one should ever feel ashamed or guilty for feeling suicidal as it can happen to anyone. I want people to feel safe and valued when it comes to sharing their feelings because maybe then people will trust us and open up and that way preventing suicide. I will never give up on my journey to help others and I will never give up on myself.


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