lapland memory box ⛄❄

FB_IMG_1445811028955 FB_IMG_1445811019249 FB_IMG_1445810992299I am now on my way to my sister’s for tea ( hope it’s something good ), and its the first time I have felt cold. As I have been walking I can smell burning, like a log fire. I love the smell because it reminds me of Lapland, a place I love and have visited 3 times. Every trip we went on and every hotel we stayed had a roaring log fire. The smell of snow, fire and hot berry juice was amazing and the whole Christmassy atmosphere was intoxicating. Wild reindeer were everywhere and huskies barked near by. People on snow mobiles zoomed past and waved.

When we first went to Lapland my daughter was 11 and I have to admit that first day and night I hated it. It was so secluded with no nightlife what so ever and there was never any daylight. Of course not! It’s Lapland for God sake so what did I expect? Soon enough though I loved it. the snow in some places was waiste deep and one time during a walk with my daughter I stepped into some fresh untouched snow and sank to my waist ! I love snow, it gives you a feeling of calm and everywhere looks serene and beautiful. I hope we get some this year. One day we went a on trip to the reindeer farm and got the chance to ride our own reindeer slay. Everyone received their very own 5 yr reindeer driving licence and the kids thought it was the coolest thing ever ! Mind you so did I. I was chuffed to bits when us adults got a license to.

Then there was the trip to the husky farm and we loved it. The dogs were so friendly and the puppies were just the cutest. We got to have our own personal husky slay which was an amazing experience, apart from the huskies farting which they did a lot ! I never realized one dog could fart so much ! Anyway, one of the best days for me was the hours we spent on the snow mobiles. At first I was scared of crashing, or running over a reindeer but I soon got used to it and was zooming around everywhere ! Half way through our snow mobile journey we stopped to cooked sausages over a fire and drink hot berry juice. It was an amazing journey.

Christmas eve is one of the best memories I have and it will stay with me forever. That evening we went to a place on the Russian border to meet Santa and have a wonderful meal. We were informed by staff that the northern lights were expected and I was so excited. I’ve always wanted to see the northern lights. I waited and waited and soon enough out they came to play. It was an amazing, emotional and memorable experience. I’ll never forget it. The whole sky lit up with the amazing natural light show. I cried, it sounds daft but I couldn’t help it. I was freezing but my daughter and I didn’t stop watching until the show was over. I consider myself extremely lucky to have witnessed the amazing northern lights and so does my daughter. On Christmas day we had snow which made everything perfect. The steep hill outside the hotel was great for sledging down and we spent ages up and down that hill. I’ll never forget Lapland.

This awesome memory box makes life worth living.


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