an austrian memory box

Every now and then I’m going to open an awesome memory box. It’s important that I do because I want to show people that just because we suffer with depression it doesn’t mean we can’t have fun or laugh. And it certainly doesn’t mean we can’t have future plans to look forward to.

When my daughter was recovering from a serious illness I decided to take her some where that wasn’t full of tourists from Britain. We both love the mountains so we decided on kitzbuhl in Austria. It was August and the weather was hot. I was surprised by the weather because for some reason I expected it to be cold. Anyway the first thing we noticed from the airport to the hotel was the amazing scenery. It was breath taking. It was like something from a fairy tale. The mountains looked beautiful and the whole place was so clean. The houses and buildings were so pretty, even a lap dancing bar we passed was in such a pretty building. It was a long journey from the airport to the hotel but the beauty made the time fly by.

The next day we decided to climb one of the mountains. As I said I wanted to take my daughter to Austria for a rest and to recover so what did I do? Made her walk up and down a huge mountain ! On the way at the foot of the mountain lived some chickens and horses. We fed them every day and seeing my daughter smile as she fed the animals made me want to hold and hug right there. The walk up the mountain was hard work but we took our time and enjoyed it. The water from the stream was so clean you could fill up your water bottles and drink it without it making you I’ll. It was cold, fresh and tasted wonderful while hiking. As we climbed the mountain we could see the cows grazing in the sun with cow bells jingling round their neck. It was like a scene from Heidi. People from all over the world stopped to say hello to one another before carrying on with their hike. Once at the top the views were amazing. My daughter and I just stood for ages looking at the breath taking scenery. We could see planes flying beneath us and we caught sight of a golden eagle gliding past. We had lunch from a cafe and took plenty of photos. Walking  down the mountain was hard work and you could really feel the strain on your muscles but it felt good. The next day my legs were aching so badly I could barely walk !

We went on some lovely trips like the traditional folk night trip with yodeling and lederhosen clad men smacking each other on the bottom which my daughter thought was the funniest thing ever ! It was a great evening for everyone. Then there was the trip to the tier park where you could feed and play with the animals, the baby goats were a firm favourite for my daughter and I. The best trip for me was the night time mountain hike which included the cable car to take us up and down the mountain. The view from the cable car in the evening was beautiful, the whole town looked like it was lit up with fairy lights and looked magical. We had our own torches to light up our path in the dark. We had hot chocolate while the clouds passed by right in front of us. It was eerie watching the clouds pass by and around you. Eerie but fascinating. It was a very memorable trip and worth the money.

I have shared this memory box because I want others to see that life can be enjoyable and you can look forward to creating even more happy times.


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