cutting the costs

We all know how hard mental health illnesses are to live with. And we all know that there is simply not enough resources to help everyone. Chronic fatigue, depression, bi polar, and anxiety are some of the conditions ordinary people have to face each day. The services that provide support are stretched to the limit and its getting worse. Huge cuts to these already over stretched services are seriously going to effect the vulnerable. It frightens me because people are going to be left to deal with their mental health demons alone and could result in many suicides. Suicides that could be prevented with the right kind of help.  I worry about people being put off from asking their gps for help because if there isn’t  enough support then what is the point of seeing your gp. I fear that these cuts will put the topic of mental health right back to square one because the stigma and shame is sure to rise again as no one will be willing to ask for help due to lack of resources. I have had a lot of therapy and the therapy I received was brilliant. The problem is treatment has a time limit and once your time is up your sort of left to deal with your monster alone. For a lot of people depression is a long-term condition and for some it has taken years of suffering before having the courage to finally open up and ask for help. It’s a lot of years for such a short period of therapy. For me when both lots of treatment ended I felt embarrassed and disappointed because I still felt depressed. Don’t get me wrong the therapy was great but it wasn’t the miracle cure I hoped. I was to ashamed to ask for more help because I thought it was all my fault. I thought I was to damaged and there was no hope for me. Hearing about these cuts makes me more determined than ever to help people in any way I can. I will continue to get my message across that no one should be left to suffer alone.


One thought on “cutting the costs

  1. Thank you Once again hun. You hit the Nail straight on the head. I been ill for 18years.. with depression. I tried to take my own life twice when I was 16yrs old. Life after then picked up. I was at College doing well also got a job at a 6th form college working with people with learning a physical dissabilities.Though this I worked with a very special young man with Musculal distrophy. On a one to one. He was the first person to feel my son move when pregnant. But when my son was born the horrors of my past came back to haunt me. I was then diagnosed with post natal depression.My husband had an that ended.. I tried again to take my own life.. It sucked I survived.. I then was diagnosed with post natal. Since then has been an emence battle. I could go on.. but shall not. But you are an Amazing person keep on with everything you are doing. Big Thank you Love and Hugs Lisa xxx


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