the world unites

As we go through life even the most ” together ” people need someone to talk to at some point. Even the most happiest successful looking people need an ear or a shoulder to cry on during their lifetime. When battling your your own personal he’ll it can seem like your the only one, or there is something wrong with you. Trust me though mental health issues are a huge problem all over the world. I have had views of my blog from all over the world including the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Poland, Finland, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, India, Philippines, Czech republic, Canada, UAE and many other places. It sounds silly as I wasn’t expecting it to be such a world wide problem. I wasn’t expecting to have people all over the world empathize with my cause. It’s shows monsters do exist and people are being terrorized by this particular monster all over the world. During my journey into my depression monster blog I have also learned a lot. I have been lucky enough to be trusted with details of so many others trying to battle their monster. A lot of what I have heard has made me want to cry but, a lot of what I have been told has given me hope. Hope that together people from all over can come together and slay this monster once and for all. With this blog I hope to eventually encourage others to open up and talk about how they feel. To open up if suicide seems to be the only way. I want people from all over the world to know they have friends out there they can feel safe opening up to. I understand how hard it can be to open up and take a first step in asking for help. No one should feel ashamed or embarrassed when taking a huge brave step in opening up so knowing there are others in similar situations is a sure way of gaining the trust of someone in a really bad place. It can take years to get the right treatment but it can also take years for a person to finally open up so it’s very important to create a safe environment without prejudice or shame. People have a right to be heard, safe and believed. With huge cuts to mental health services the already over stretched services are going to be stretched to snapping point. This scares me because fragile and vulnerable people are simply going to be left to deal with this monster alone and I fear suicides will increase. Nothing saddens me more than hearing of yet another suicide. So many could have been prevented and many more in the future still have a chance of being prevented. If it takes me a lifetime to reach every country in the world then so be it because I will never give up on trying to help those with any mental health illness that stalks them. It’s taken years to get to where we are now, with the adverts now on tv, and courses offered at work places but to be honest it’s only the tip of the iceberg. There is still a he’ll of a lot of stigma attached and people are still to scared to ask for help fearing what others may think. And it doesn’t help when the topic of depression is still ridiculed by comedians and the media.

During my life I have heard of a few suicides of people I know but , for me the saddest suicide was last year. I will not name this young man out of respect for his family and friends plus it’s not my place to name him. July last year I had just come back from Barcelona with my daughter and we were in the taxi on our way home from the airport. As we all do I switched my phone on asap to have a nosy on Facebook. That was when I learned of the suicide of this wonderful young man. I was completely floored and extremely upset. He was very popular with a wonderful family. I immediately remembered going to the pictures with him years ago and receiving a Valentine’s gift from him. It’s was a long time ago but I couldn’t get his big cheeky grin out of my head. It’s just so hard and such a waste. I feel so much for his family. How can it be that someone who seems to have it all wanted to end his lovely life. I hope he has found peace where ever he is now.

The truth is for a lot of us, we just don’t see suicide coming. It’s shocking and deeply upsetting but it’s even more shocking that the help and support so desperately needed just isn’t there. For others the warning signs are there but aren’t recognized so the chance to stop it is missed. That’s why I think it’s vital for everyone to be educated on the facts and struggles of all mental health illnesses and people feel safe to open up. That isn’t going to happen until the stigma is squashed once and for all. If people get tired of me bleating on or get tired of my blogs then so be it because no one is going to shut me up on something I feel so passionate about !


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