oh christmas tree

Yes that’s right I’m putting my tree up! I don’t care if it’s early I’m putting the tree up and that’s that. I even have gifts wrapped up ready to put under it. I love having my tree up and covered in festive colourful lights and I love seeing the presents under it just waiting to be opened by brittany. I’ve always tried my best to spoil her as much as possible and maybe its a bit to much but she’s worth it.

I love it when all the Christmas adverts ( commercials ) start, I love the cold frosty weather and the smells of winter. I wish we were guaranteed snow at Christmas because it would be my favourite season of the year. One of the best things about this time of the year is the cheesy Christmas films on the true movie channel!

Christmas hasn’t always been the happy time but now it’s up to me. It’s doesn’t have to be that boring depressing time any more. It’s just me and my daughter but it’s all I need.


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