powerful emotions

Those that suffer with depression experience a number of powerful emotions. These emotions can be extremely distressing and harmful and many people can be pushed to breaking point and sometimes, unfortunately beyond breaking point due to the torment they feel. These emotions can be








Feeling helpless




Feeling extremely tired

For some people just one of these emotions can be relentless and overwhelming and for others they can suffer a number of these emotions. Imagine how it must feel to be tormented by strong thoughts and feelings that just do not seem to want to release the powerful grip it has over your aching mind and heart. It’s understandable that so many people are to ashamed to talk about how they feel because a lot of the time you don’t even know what’s wrong yourself. It’s no wonder that suicide is a growing and serious problem in the UK especially in men under the age of 35. How can the government justify such large cuts in funding to an already over stretched mental health service ? It makes me so angry to know that so many people are going to be left to struggle alone with the ever increasing serious problem of mental health issues. It’s wrong and we need to do something about it.

When I first started hearing voices I felt so ashamed. How could I tell anyone I was hearing voices ? Would I be locked up ? Would I be sectioned ? Was I schizophrenic ? Would people laugh at me ? The answer to most of those questions was a big no. Sadly when I did confide in a couple of people I trusted I was made to feel ashamed, I had the piss taken out of me and that hurt. I was tormented enough with being made fun of. When I did eventually ask for help I found out the voices were more common than I thought and a lot of people going through a serious depression spell have experienced some sort of hallucinations. This made me feel better as I was not alone and I wasn’t going mad. I was aware of the voices, they shouted and were loud and angry, the more distressed I got the louder they became. I couldn’t make out what they said and I wasn’t being told to hurt people or to do crazy things but it was still terrifying. Most of all I wasn’t going mad. I thought long and hard about admitting to hearing voices as I know many people will still take the piss and judge but, to be honest I don’t give a damn anymore. If my blog can help just one person then my pain will be worth it. I am not going to shut up about depression because it’s real. It’s real, it’s dangerous and its damn hard to live with and if my blog can save others it’ll be more than worth it.

Depression isn’t the only serious mental health issue, there is also bi polar, chronic fatigue, anxiety, dementia and schizophrenia as well as others. No one should be alone to suffer any of these illnesses but, I also think it’s important for families of those who suffer or those who have taken their own lives to get lots of support to. It’s easy to forget that those who are left behind as a result of suicide are just left to deal with it. These families and friends need support to.

Until there is enough awareness the stigma of mental health with always be a huge problem and many more people will die.


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