a snowy awesome memory box

I thought I would open a couple more awesome memory boxes because lately I’ve been a miserable bugger. I may have God awful depression and anxiety but I still can laugh and enjoy myself every now and then.

Luckily I have a number of memory boxes that are great to open, reminding me that I can enjoy life. A lot of my happy times involve snow. I love snow! When I was a kid we lived in Germany for a few years and the winters were often very snowy. In fact the seasons in Germany were just perfect. As they should be. Spring was spring. Summer was summer, beautiful and hot. Autumn was colourful and crisp and winter was white and bright. Winter was winter, just as it should be. Winter was a time for sledging, nativity plays, Christmas tree’s and open fire places. I loved the little German shops at Christmas as they were full of festive treats, decorations and toys. Little gingerbread bread houses were displayed in the Windows and the falling snow made it even more fairy tale like.

One winter my family and I were invited to a new years eve party. In the army life everyone knows each other and there was always some event to look forward to. That new years eve the party was at a friend’s flat close to the block of flats near to us. My mum, sister and I made our way to the party and my dad was coming a little later. It was cold and the sky was white but it was dry. The party was going well and after about an hour I went to get my dad. I stepped outside and stopped. Huge snow flakes were falling and the floor was already blanketed with a layer of beautiful snow. I looked up at the sky and let the flakes land on my tongue and eyes lashes. I felt happy. I felt excited. I love snow! The new year came in with with a white, wintry wonderland bang!

Near to our home in Germany was a hill were all the kids went to sledge down. We could stay there for hours whizzing down the hill time after time. I remember one time I was zooming down the hill and my sledge hit a stone. I went arse over tit hurting myself in the process before coming to a stop at the bottom of the hill. I started to cry and went running to my mum! Still didn’t put me off wanting to play in the snow though!

My daughter also loves the snow. We have had some amazing times and laughs in the snow but I’ll open those awesome boxes another day. I’m hoping we get snow soon.


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