positive aims

Like I have said, give yourself things to look forward to. No matter how small or big. Keep going until you achieve your goals.

Here’s a list of what I hope to achieve this year :

A new hair colour

New carpet

Driving lessons

Start to get fit

Spend more time with friends old, current and New.

Have sex ( yes it’s extremely honestly but give years without any lovin is enough to drive anyone mad)!

Buy a couple of new dresses in a smaller size that WILL fit!

Have a holiday somewhere different.

Do talks in various schools, college’s , university’s and workplaces about depression and other mental health issues.

Get my charity up and running.

Go to Australia.

There’s a good few things I hope to achieve this year. Some may not be possible this year but there’s always next year, and the year, and the one after that and so on.

Don’t give up, stay safe stay happy.


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