an awful nightmare

Hello all.

I was wondering if nightmares are a problem for others as they can be a huge problem for me. My latest nightmare really frightened me and I can’t help thinking about it. This is what happened in that nightmare……..

For some reason I am sharing a room with my daughter and its late at night. I hear movement down stairs, I hear someone down stairs. Already I feel an intense fear. Then I hear the someone walking slowly and deliberately up the stairs. Banging each stair to let me know he is coming. Some how I know the person is a he. Very slowly he walks up the stairs. I look across at my daughter but she is sound asleep. Apart from the slight movement of my head I can’t move as my fear has become far to intense. The man is now outside the door running a knife slowly across the door, some how I know he has a knife. After a while the handle slowly starts to lower then the door slowly opens. The man is so tall and dressed in black, he even wears a black balaclava. He shows me the knife but never says a word, he just stares at me. He doesn’t step into the room but I’m still terrified.

The dream ended there but it has stayed with me. I have had many nightmares like that.


2 thoughts on “an awful nightmare

  1. i always have nightmares like this and they kill me with fear, especially the recurring ones, i bought a dream journal from a charity shop and write in it occasionally, it may help to look back on your dreams to see if you can find where it came from in your subconscious, i am lucy, my blog is simular to yours, check it out:


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