make it count

The other day my daughter and I went for tea and cakes at the nearest cafe Nero. We got chatting to a couple of lovely ladies on the table next to us. Before I go on though I have to say that since meeting them I’ve started looked at things differently. For the past few days I’ve been struggling and I’ve felt really down. Sometimes though I struggle with anger issues and tend to let woe ist me feelings overwhelm me. I start to dwell on the past and punish myself with guilty feelings and torture myself with what ifs. I start to convince myself that the lives of others are so much better and my life has gone no where. But since the chance meeting with two strangers my point of view is changing. My daughter and I didn’t even know the names of the two ladies but we told them about our adventures and some of the places we have been to in the world. I also mentioned my struggle with depression. We all chatted for ages and I learned that one of the ladies had already lost her husband and the other ladies hubby couldn’t fly anymore due to health problems. We got onto the subject of where mine and my daughter’s next adventures would be this year when the lady with the hubby said to us ” I wish I was young again because I’d do it all and go everywhere “. She went on to say that she wishes she had been to more places and done more but for her it was to late. She told us to go for it and how lucky my daughter was to have me as her mum who takes her to lots of nice places. She told me how well I was doing to handle depression while making sure my daughter has never missed out. She told us we were lovely and to enjoy life while we can and keep going to all the places we want to see and experience. When we left we were told it was lovely talking to us and they enjoyed hearing our traveling stories.

Since then I’ve realised that I have actually lived these stories. We don’t have to envy and listen to what others have done because we have had our own life. I have made sure my daughter has been well travelled and she has a healthy respect and enthusiasm for the beliefs and cultures of others. The best thing is though that my daughter and I have our whole lives ahead of us to have more fun and adventures. We still have our lives ahead of us to achieve the dreams and goals we desire . It’s not to late for me and I need to remember that more when I’m beating myself up. And I firmly believe your never to old to have a new adventure.


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