two points to me and nil points to the depression monster

I can honestly say for the first time in absolutely ages I’ve started to enjoy my books again. I have just started James Pattersons murder house and loving it already. For well over a year now I’ve started books but not finished them. And for someone like me who used to love her books and could finish one in a couple of days the loss of interest for that time was a major blow. It also showed just how bad I was feeling. The deep dark pit I thought I couldn’t get out of seems to be getting a bit easier to claw my way out. Now I’m looking forward to finishing this book and starting the next. There was a time when I would order a few books at a time from Amazon and when my parcel arrived I’d be in absolute booksy heaven. I loved the crackling sound of a newly opened book, and the smell of the pages. The fact that my love of books is returning is a huge victory. I know that may sound daft to some but to me it’s amazing. Could I be getting better ? I’ve also joined a gym and even bought some work out clothes so for me it’s another great victory. I used to be a real gym bunny and a real book worm but due to my illness these activities gave me no pleasure for such a long time. The fact the enjoyment is returning is huge for me. That two points to me and nil points to the depression monster !


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