a lovely day

Well today has been a lovely relaxing day. My daughter has treated me to a lovely day out in Manchester. We started off having a lovely meal in a fab Thai restaurant. Great food, great tea and a very good looking waiter!

Next it was to the John ryland library where we checked out the witches, demons and occult exhibition. Some of the books were hundreds of years old and if your anything like me and love medieval history then you will enjoy this exhibition. It’s not very large but it was really interesting. I loved it.

Next it was the art gallery which my daughter and I have been to many times. It’s a favourite place of ours and we can spend ages in there. For us it never gets boring especially as my daughter is studying fine art at uni. Looking around the library and gallery made me want to take the plunge and finally reach my dream of studying archaeology at uni. I hope I some day become strong enough to fulfil that dream.

Next it was tea and cake at a place that does the most delicious coffee eclairs. I have a terrible sweet tooth. So does my daughter. Trouble is I get fat, she doesn’t ! So not fare !

Lastly it was a bit of shopping. New pjs and a few other bits then my fab daughter treated me to an early mother’s day present, a bag of gorgeous smelling lush products. I LOVE Lush ! Now I can’t wait to run a hot lush bath, lights some candles, apply a face mask and brew up a peppermint tea. Then change into fresh pjs and climb into a bed with fresh bedding !

It’s the little things that can be the most wonderful. There’s no better feeling then spending a wonderful day with my wonderful daughter.

Keep going guys and keep smiling. You’re beautiful when you smile.


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