day 4 dechox

Day four of the dechox challenge. I have to say it’s been hard today. I’ve craved chocolate so badly today but I’m determined not to give in. What I need to be careful of is replacing the choc with something else just as unhealthy. I love all sweet things like cakes and biscuits so eating to much of those is just as bad and defeats the object. My food addiction has over taken my life in a bad way. Junk food for me is life being in an abusive relationship, I love it even though I know it’s really bad for me. Junk food has been there for me and comforted me when other people haven’t. But it’s time to stop now. Time to get out of this unhealthy relationship with food. I’m actually quite a good cook but I have fallen into bad habits rather than taking the time to cook healthy meals.

This has been the longest period of time that I’ve gone without chocolate for so long but I’m determined to do this. If happiness really is a choice then let’s hope I’m on the right road to finally being happy.

Stay tuned.


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