days 7,8,9,10

Not updated my blog for a few days because my mood has been quite low. The anxiety attacks have just about floored me. One of the worse feelings ever is anxiety. Ask someone to describe how anxiety really feels and they probably won’t be able to. Anyway I thought I would update the past few days and let you all know that I still haven’t had any chocolate. I’m amazed at myself. If I can stick to this who knows what else I can achieve ! It’s the little things and those little steps that get us to where we want to go even if it is a bit slower. If happiness really is a choice then I think I’m starting to learn how to choose the right choices. You can eventually learn how to get some control back over your life.

Anyway it still a while till we get to the end of the month but I don’t plan on giving up.

Stay tuned………


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