my attempt of anxiety feels like

Anxiety can come on at any time and anywhere. Young or old , or male or female. Anxiety doesn’t care who it attacks. And when it does attack it feels like it can crush and kill you. That God awful feeling you find difficult to describe. About an hour ago I was lying on my bed when suddenly out of nowhere the dreaded anxiety launched a vicious assault. I took deep breaths and tried to concentrate on the physical effects to try to describe how I felt right at that time.

I felt like I had a bouncy tennis ball in my stomach. As I lay on my back the bouncy tennis ball rolled and bounced off the walls of my gut. A big ball of bouncy ball dread inside me that bruises the entire walls of my stomach and leaves it’s nasty feeling of painful dread.

My anxiety is a rolling and bouncing tennis ball leaving its mark of dread all around my stomach. I would love to know how others describe anxiety.


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