tornado nightmare

I often have nightmares or really bizarre vivid dreams. One dream I had not so long ago was about my right nipple ! Yep my right nipple. And that was it a whole dream about one thing…….my right nipple. Weird. Very weird like so many of my dreams. And then there’s the nightmares. I have many nightmares and I can still remember quite a lot of them. I don’t normally like to admit that I have a lot of nightmares in case people think I’m losing the plot. Just because my sleep is haunted it doesn’t mean I don’t like to smile or laugh or crack jokes. Just because I suffer depression and anxiety it doesn’t mean I’m weird or a psycho. My worry and anxiety follows me into my dreams quite often so if my dreams involve violence I’m sometimes afraid to admit in case it’s not the “norm”. Lately though when I have researched dreams and nightmares I’ve been surprised at how common they are. I’ve not been the only one to have such extreme nightmares. For example a couple of weeks ago I had a nightmare about a tornado. I don’t know why because I’ve never seen a tornado apart from on tv but nor had I seen or read anything about a tornado lately. So this tornado nightmare came from no where. It made no sense but nightmares and dreams never do. I was standing in a field. Apart from a few trees I couldn’t see anything else at first. It was just an open field with a vast amount of land. All of a sudden I could see the tornado in the distance. It came closer but was still far away. Then it was closer and I could feel the wind getting stronger. Closer and the wind is stronger, wild. I stand in the same spot and decide I need to move, to get away and I start to feel afraid. I’m afraid because it’s closer and the wind is howling and blowing down the trees. I need to move to get away and run but for some reason I still stand watching it comes ever closer, like it’s tormenting me. When I do deside to run I can’t, my legs won’t more, I’m rooted to the spot. I had the chance to get away but like some dreams I couldn’t run even though I tried. I screamed and screamed till my throat hurt even though no sound came out. And then it was right in front of me. It was to late to escape. I’ve never felt such intense painful fear. The tornado is right in front of me , a swirling black angry cone of wind. It’s that big that I can’t see where it starts or ends, I can’t see where the sides are. Everything is huge, black and swirling angry. I’m to late. I’m terrified and to late. My nightmare ended there and when I woke I felt horrible and the nightmare stayed with me for a while after. When I looked up the meaning I was surprised to see it was quite a common nightmare. Since starting this blog it’s been a comfort to know I’m not alone with my thoughts, feelings, nightmares, dreams and worries. It’s gives me hope. I hope to reach as many people as possible and tell them they are not alone. They are not weird. You will be surprised at how many people will understand you.


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