wishing and thinking

Do you ever wish you could pack up and leave ? We all think and wish for that from time to time but for some of us we really mean it. What stops you ? Fear. Life can be pretty damned scary because non of us can predict the future so non of us know what’s in store. For some reason people always choose to do what people think we have to do rather than what we want to do. Why ? Why do we live our lives for other people instead of for ourselves ? We know life is short so why spend it unhappy by pleasing others ? I think it’s fear. Stay in a bad relationship because it’s better than being alone . Really ? Do a job you hate because it’s easier than starting again. Really ? Who says. Other people ? To many people listen to what others say or think. And before you know it life has raced by and left you behind. All because of fear and the opinions of others, opinions quite often formed out of jealousy. But sometimes we become comfortable, and that comfortable feeling can hold you back. We all want different things from life but yet we all seem to listen to others and more often than not go by the minority. I’ve always been single and yet people find that weird. Why ? What I find really weird is that some people will go from one relationship to the next no matter how shitty because it’s better than being alone. But I have come to learn and understand that for some people that’s how they cope with life. Some drink, take drugs, sleep around, over eat or simply hide themselves away because life can be hard. We all want to run away at times but for some it’s moving on. We don’t want to be stuck. It’s scary because that comfortable feeling keeps us safe in some ways but the trick is try not to live your life for other people or their opinions. Your happiness is more important that the jealous and spiteful opinions of others. Being different can be scary but spending the rest of your life miserable is terrifying.

For me I’m still stuck. I’m still looking for the key to unlock to door to my aching brain. But now I’m hopeful. I’m hopeful because I refuse to allow others to put me down and make me feel abnormal any longer. This is my life and I haven’t given up on wanting to live it.

Stay tuned…….


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