how to be permanently single

So I’ve just finished watching the film How To Be Single. I really enjoyed it. It sort of made me feel as though I should feel weird for still being single though. I’ve always been single. I always thought it was because of my illness therefore I’m un lovable because who wants a freak with some serious issues going on ? Am I weird for wanting to stay single. Am I weird that the thought of being in a relationship makes me feel ill or am I onto something ? I really don’t know. I’m a huge fan of Sex And The City and it always made me feel good to watch these single gals living it up and enjoying their well earned independence. But if you think about it they all ( apart from Samantha ) spend most of their time looking for guys Guys to have relationships with even if it’s going shitty. Am I in denial or do we all really want a mate to spend our days with .do we all long for someone in our life even if it is settling for second best. I don’t understand how being in a bad relationship can possibly be better than being alone. Have I really been single for so long that I will never truly adjust to sharing my remote with someone ? Or do we all secretly wish we were single. Relationships seem way to complicated for someone like me, I have enough trouble figuring out what’s going on in my own head never mind a man’s. Does staying single mean I’ll never be truly happy and fulfilled or does it mean for some of us it’s how it’s meant to be . Thoughts anyone ?


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