commit is offensive

I don’t know about anyone else but I hate it when people say “commit ” suicide. To me it’s really insulting. It’s like saying that someone who has died from depression has committed some awful crime. Suicide is not a decision that has been taken lightly. Just imagine how awful someone must be feeling to take that tragic final step. The thoughts of being a criminal and being damned to hell going with them in their final steps. The stigma still firmly attached to suicide makes me furious. Especially when people say it’s the cowards way out. How can someone who has suffered so greatly, battled on for as long as possible and then died due to such a serious illness be labelled a coward. If someone wanted euthanasia due to suffering from from motor neurons disease they would have nothing but sympathy yet some one who is depressed is labelled a coward. It makes me angry. I also hate it when people say happiness is a choice. Says who ? You ? Are you speaking for everyone or just yourself. Someone who is suffering with any mental health illness is suffering enough without having to live up to labels by people who seem to think they know best. Depression isn’t failure, it’s an illness.

Until 1968 suicide in the UK was illegal which is outrageous. In Singapore those that attempt and fail suicide can be jailed. It doesn’t matter why they feel so bad, up to a year in jail can be their punishment. In Japan it’s also illegal but not punishable, so why make it illegal ? In north Korea it’s relatives that face the consequences if a loved one dies as the dead can not be punished. Although these countries are all different and many miles apart it still shows how much mental health is discriminated against. It’s about time we stopped saying “committed ” suicide because it isn’t a crime. It’s someone in a desperate situation taking desperate actions. It’s dying from depression and it’s about time we all acknowledged this.


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