Depression and anxiety can be caused for a number of reasons. No two people will ever feel the same. Like a cancer depression can have different causes, symptoms and can kill. Mental health is complicated and hard to understand and although you can empathise with other fellow sufferers you will never truly know how someone else will feel. It irritates me when people suddenly think they know it all just because they have suffered in the past or done a few courses. It’s dangerous to make assumptions about others as not everyone recovers the same so being made to feel like a failure can really kicked a sufferer down. For example, I have had lots of therapy over the years and have medication but yet I still feel like shit. It never seems to fully leave me alone. So because nothing has really worked for me yet does that mean I’m a lost cause or to damaged ? These treatments don’t work for everyone so just because it worked for you it doesn’t mean it will work for everyone. And it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Under the depression umbrella there are different types, causes, symptoms and recovery times. It can take years to finally make the rain stop but you must never give up trying. Depression and anxiety will do their best to make you believe you’re a failure, or you will never recover and be happy. I firmly believe that is bullshit. We can get better. People seem to think that because you are a sufferer of these illnesses that you can’t or never can smile or laugh. I love to laugh and I have a good sense of humour. Just be careful that you don’t have people laughing at you. It’s easy to become the life and soul of the party or the butt of everyone’s jokes but don’t let that happen. Depression kills your self esteem and confidence so you become a joke as you feel desperate to be liked and desperate to show others you are normal. Laugh, don’t be laughed at.

It also irritates me how others view depression from one suffer to the next. A man can fly a plane into a mountain, drive a truck into dozens of people, kill their family and then themselves and depression becomes a demon that is responsible. It makes mental health issues even more taboo and frowned upon. I have never had the desire to ever hurt anyone but yet I’m ill so I must be dangerous. Or weird! A former footballer has been called a legend. He’s a drunk and a bully but he’s a legend ? Really ? But because he’s a former footballer and a so called legend his mental health issues bring him sympathy and compassion. If he was one of your unknown neighbours he would be laughed at and ridiculed. It angers me because the right people don’t get enough of the right support. A former drunken footballer can become a legend no matter how vile he can be but yet everyone else is a freak or avoided. It’s double standards and it must stop now !


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