Feel good films

A while ago I decided to get rid of all the slasher films in my dvd collection. I found that these films could play on my mind and make me feel even worse, especially when I felt particularly shitty. So out went the Saw, Hostel and other films with way to much violence, blood and gore. I also now try to avoid films that make me cry as they can also play on my mind. Mind you a lot of films make me cry some of the worst of these films are Me Before You, Fault In Our Stars, Christmas Shoes, P.S I Love You, Brooklyn and most recently A Monster Calls. I have seen these films once and its enough. I don’t see the point in sitting in front of the TV and deliberately making myself cry to some film that I really don’t have to watch. Having said that id be lying if I said I never watched sad films just so I can have a good cry. I decided to renew my dvd collection with feel good films such as Murials Wedding, Bridget jones Diary/Baby, Hairspray, Legally Blond, Eddie The Eagle, Sex And The City and Miss Congeniality amongst others. I also own every episode of Sex And The City, its my guilty pleasure and I love it. At the end of the day if something makes you laugh and smile then that’s great. it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks because your mental well being is important. As I have previously said the tips I give wont be for everyone but they work for me. At the end of the day you can only save yourself so if you need help then ask for it. Never be ashamed of how you feel because your illness is not your fault. Also remember that quite often many people suffer from more than one mental health issue at a time so its easy to feel you are alone and weird. Its surprising just how many people will understand you so talk about how you feel. Ask for help. Do things that make you feel good. Avoid things that make you sad. Remember that you are important. You are loved. You matter. If everyday can feel like a battle then congratulate yourself on your strength and courage because you are still here and still coping even if it doesn’t feel as though you are. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you matter because why the hell not? you deserve to be happy.
Time to end the stigma.


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