depression is a thief

Depression is a thief as well as a liar. It steals away your friends by lying about what kind of a person you really are. It steals your sense of security and safety by making you believe you are not good enough and not capable of living a normal happy life, another lie. It also steals your sense of security by making you believe you cant not cope with everyday life and managing money and every day affairs and work. More lies. It steals your confidence and makes you believe you are worthless and not capable or worthy of love. Cruel lies. The trouble is the longer you hear and see these lies the more you start to believe them whether they are true or not. In life people will only ever believe what they want if it makes a story more juicy or their own lives more interesting. Like depression people can be cruel. There will always be those who feed off the misery of others just like depression. There are also people out there that are genuine, and want to see you happy. There are people that want the best for you and truly believe you matter and deserve to be happy. Isnt it funny that these are the people we tend to overlook because the lies have had such a powerful control over your own mind. The bad stuff seems to be easier to believe. We tend to remember all the bad things we have done but easily forget the good. We beat ourselves up over memories of past mistakes that others have long since forgotten. Depression can be so deep that the only thing most people see is your illness. It hides away your ambitions, hopes and dreams so all that seems visible to others is depression, again stealing away the real you and hiding all your good. Its important to know that your good can be seen and your not as alone as you think. Sometimes by opening up you can be pleasantly surprised at how others think in similar ways to you. Each of us has our own inner freak that we can be afraid to show but sometimes that inner freak is what makes us lovable to some or to a special someone. Just because we may suffer from depression, anxiety, ptsd and any other mental health issue it doesn’t mean we are not capable of love and it certainly does not mean we are not worthy of love. We are important. We do matter. We are loved. Its really hard to see past the lies of depression and its hard to take back what has been stolen from you but I firmly believe its achievable. It could take weeks, months or even years but, bit by bit take back what is rightfully yours. Show people your truths and knock the lies on their arse. Do not let your illness define you and do not let it fool you into believing you are worthless because whether you realise it or not there will always be people that will see you. The real you. The important, lovable and worthy you. There will always be those that enjoy drama, hate and gossip because that’s life. there will always be people who come across as being unpleasant because maybe they have their own issues that you cant see, just like yours. But, there will always be someone that is special enough to know, see and love the real you even if they do think your’re a freak.


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