When people hear the word addict they often picture an image of someone completely wasted on heroin or crack. Some times people will picture someone who is always drunk on cheap but super strong alcohol. Most people hate heroin addicts and drunks unless of course you were once a footballer because you are classed as a legend. The image of an addict is of a lowlife living in squalid conditions and robbing people to help feed their addictions. Someone who is filthy and only cares about their next fix or drink. Not very often do we look at the reasons for these addictions and not very often do really know what has happened in a persons life to make them feel as though this addiction is the only way of coping. For many their addiction is their only friend and the only thing that has kept them going. We all have different ways of coping and addiction can affect any one. Mental health can affect any one even the most unexpected of people. Just because some one has an addiction it does not make them a bad person at all. Truth is anyone can have an addiction and a lot of the time you can not even tell. An injury at work could lead to an addiction of pain killers. Someone who cant sleep could be hooked on sleep aids. Lost a loved one, the odd drink can help numb the pain. It can be impossible to tell who is fighting a losing battle and it doesn’t make them bad or weak. Don’t get me wrong, there are people out there who are bad and burgle and steal and hurt others for their own selfish needs but, not everyone is the same. The woman or man you see begging on the street could have escaped a home so much worse than living on the streets. Poor mental health could be the reason for sleeping in a cardboard box and it could happen to any of us. We all have our ways of coping and sometimes the pain relief of another could be completely different to yours but it does not make us bad. A man in a fine suit, a movie star the, mother dropping her kids off at school it could be any of us and no one could tell we hide a secret no matter how happy we seem and if we seem to have it all. The homeless are some of the most discriminated against people and we often assume they are hooked on drugs and booze but that isn’t always the case and if they are then why? What pain are they trying to numb? Don’t always assume that an addict is bad or lazy or worthless because any of us can become an addict because we all want to get through life the best way we can and it can be damned hard and life can through us the most unexpected challenges and pain. All we can do is cope the best way we can and hope for the best even if others do things differently or disapprove.

Here are some of the most common addictions

Binge eating, food
Plastic surgery

So its not just heroin or booze like a lot of us think and it can be anyone. If you feel as though you have a problem then ask for help. I know it can be hard to ask for help because an addiction can feel like the only way of coping. The thought of that coping technique being taken from you can be terrifying but in the long run its what is best. As time goes on letting go of the habbit becomes easier till eventually you no longer look back. Try not to be judgemental because not everything is black and white and you can only see whats on the surface. You matter you are loved you are important.


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